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Height adjustable glass balustrades weather protect Hamnplats 3

The outdoor seating at Hamnplats 3 in Båstad lies only a few metres from the boats in the harbour. The then owners were looking for a way to protect their guests from the wind blowing in from the sea. At the same time, they wanted a solution that blended in well with the environment. One requirement was not to rob the guests of the fantastic view that surrounds the restaurant’s outdoor seating.

The decision was made to install our height adjustable glass balustrades ClickitUp®, which with its slim profiles gives a virtually glass clear view.

The restaurateur, and the guests, are incredibly happy to have height-adjustable glazing. “One advantage of ClickitUp ® is that you do not need permanent wind protection, but have the option to use it as a normal glass balustrade when it’s not blowing.”

ProjectOutdoor seating Hamnplats 3
CategoryWeather protection, Outdoor seating
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