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ClickitUp Free Standing

Freestanding glass balustrade with either a planter or bench

Freestanding height-adjustable glass balustrade

Experience the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics with our freestanding height-adjustable glass balustrade that does not need to be anchored to the ground.

Choose either a perfectly integrated and sleek planter or alternatively a bench that makes the section stable and functional.

ClickitUp Free Standing builds on our original ClickitUp system and offers the possibility to complement each section with various accessories for increased functionality, needs, and style.

Feel free to contact us so we can sketch up your project.

A premium glass balustrade

“The lower fixed glass is 8 mm tempered and the upper movable part consists of 6 mm tempered glass. The glass balustrade’s height is 1100 mm in the lowered position and 1900 mm when raised.

This freestanding unit does not need to be anchored to the ground, making it both flexible and user-friendly. ClickitUp Free Standing requires minimal installation to create a ground-level outdoor seating area.”

We know outdoor dining

Together with our customers, ErgoSafe's glass balustrades are continuously installed in outdoor dining areas around the world.

Help from a product expert

We always draw up all construction projects!
Feel free to book a meeting and we will sketch your construction project together!

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery and get inspired by various projects featuring different versions of ErgoSafe's ClickitUp®.

ErgoSafe’s ClickitUp® branded glass balustrades are design-protected by: design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014. 
Our design protection means that no other operator has the legal right to manufacture, sell or import copies of ErgoSafe’s glass balustrades within the EU.