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Designed and produced in Sweden
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Here you will find the common questions we receive and their answers

Prior to ordering

What does it cost to get a quote?
A quote from us is always free of charge. Complete and submit the quote form and we will give you a price and drawing. Feel free to attach pictures and sketches. The quote form can be found here.

Does ClickitUp come with installation instructions?
The Instruction manual included with the delivery of your glass balustrade contains installation instructions. We recommend that you also watch the installation video “How to install ClickitUp®  to see how to install our glass balustrades.

What do I need to install ClickitUp® glass balustrade?
You will need screwdrivers, tape measure, spirit level and wooden blocks for height adjustment. This installation video How to install ClickitUp® show the tools and fastening screws required.

How do I choose the right screws to fasten in the substrate? 
The fastening fittings need to be adapted depending on the substrate in question. When installing ClickitUp® glass balustrade,
we recommend that the following are used:
For WOOD: Hexagon head wood screws 120×8 to secure in studs.
For CONCRETE: Chemical anchoring or concrete screws that are at least 80×8 mm for installing in cast slabs.
ForSTEEL: M8x30 through bolts or drill and tap.

What are your delivery times?
The delivery time for our glass balustrades is 2-8 weeks depending on the glass balustrade you order. Standard sizes have shorter delivery times and special sizes a little longer. The order acknowledgement states Friday’s date in the delivery week concerned. 

Can I install ClickitUp® glass balustrade myself?
Yes, but we always recommend a professional installation. In order for height adjustable glass balustrades to withstand the wind loads, it is absolutely crucial that the fastening to the substrate holds, which places demands on the workmanship. Our glass balustrades must be fastened to a stable substrate and with the right mounting fittings. If the installation is not to be performed by a professional, we recommend the video “How to install ClickitUp® ”

In what colours do the glass balustrades come in?
As standard natural anodised. As an option at an additional charge, black anodised or powder coated in a RAL colour. In the powder coated finish is chosen, it is the lowermost outer aluminium posts that are painted, not the inner posts and baseplate fittings.


What is the difference between ClicktiUp®, ClickitUp® Balcony, ClickitUp® Inside and
CiU® Fixed?
Over the years ClickitUp® has been developed and is available today in several variants of glass balustrade – all with the same design and finish. It’s now possible to get a glass balustrade with both height adjustable glass and only with a fixed lower glazed section – CiU® Fixed.

The same design, but with different execution and adaptations depending on where the balustrade is to be installed. The glass balustrade has been product developed for different installation options, balcony and inside an existing balustrade. It’s possible to combine fixed glass balustrades with height adjustable glass balustrades.

Where are ClickitUp® glass balustrades produced?
All glass balustrade production takes place in Sweden, at ErgoSafe AB premises in Halmstad.

In what sizes are your glass balustrade available?
Our glass balustrades are available in different maximum measurements depending on the variant of glass balustrade you choose. It is possible to order both standard and customised sizes. The minimum measurement is 700 mm and the largest measurement is 2000 mm.

What is the price of your glass balustrades?
The price of our different variants of glass balustrades varies. It’s the width and the number of sections in a segment that has a bearing on the total price. We specify our prices per section. Then comes the cost of the glass variant and variant of glass balustrade. As one building project differs from another, we always ask some basic data to give a quote. This includes sketches, pictures, floor plans, colour, etc. and we get back with a drawing and quote.


What is toughened glass?
Toughened glass is a personal safety glass that is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass. Should a toughened glass panel break there will be many small pieces, unlike normal glass which breaks into large shards. Toughened glass is used for our glass balustrades on ground level, inside existing balustrades and for the movable upper glass panels, both in the ground-level variant and for the moving upper glass in the balcony balustrade.

What is laminated glass?
Laminate glass is two pieces of glass with an interlayer of plastic laminate that holds the glass together should it break. Often used for windshields in cars and other applications where high strength and safety are required. Used for the fixed glass on our balcony balustrade.

Is the glass available in another colour?
No, we deliver clear glass, but you can foil the glass at a local firm.

Quality & Warranty

Is the balustrade tested?
ClicktiUp® Balcony and CiU Fixed/Balcony are tested by RISE according to SS-EN 12600:2002 heavy impact and in the UK to satisfy British Standard BS6180.

How much wind can the balustrade withstand?
ClickitUp® can withstand winds up to 22 m/s in the raised position. CE marked as per the machinery directive 2006/42/EC. We recommend that you lower the balustrade for winds that are in excess of 18 metres per second. Follow the local weather forecast for warnings for strong gusts of wind.

ClickitUp® Balcony is adapted to the wind load and height where the balustrade is installed.

The glass in my ClickitUp® does not go all the way up. Is the balustrade faulty?
No. The moving glass may need help to reach its uppermost position. Installation is key in order for the height adjustable glass in a section to work in the best possible way. If the section is not level, there is a risk of the glass lifting crookedly, which results in the glass moving slowly or jamming. If this is the case, check the angle of the section. If the section is level yet the balustrade still does not lift fully, this may be due to either the outdoor climate or that the section needs to be cleaned in the joints to the lower section and lubricated with a glide film based on PTFE. Read through the instruction “Maintenance ClickitUp®“. Should ClickitUp not work to your satisfaction also read “Troubleshooting ClickitUp

One of my top caps protrudes a few millimetres on one side of the balustrade. Is something wrong?
There are two different types pf gas strut in each section. One gas strut constantly presses upwards and the other has a lock function.  The top cap may be pressed up a few millimetres on the piston that presses. This may also be due to a settlement in the substrate.

How long will the gas struts last?
Like other materials used in ClickitUp®, the gas struts are of the highest quality. The gas struts are based on a tried and tested technology used within many established industries, e.g. the automotive industry with a proven long service life. Should it be necessary to replace a gas strut this is possible. Contact your seller to order a new.

Maintenance ClickitUp® glass balustrade

What maintenance is required?
The material used for all parts on our glass balustrade is carefully chosen and specially developed to withstand the hard climates and the high expectations of the market. Maintenance is limited to washing the joints on balustrades that feature height adjustable glass as well as to lubricate with glide film based on PTFE. The top caps should be polished annually to maintain their appearance. Read the instruction Maintenance ClickitUp® 


How is my glass balustrade delivered?
Your glass balustrade comes as complete sections on pallets. At most, one pallet holds 6 sections. In total a pallet can weigh up to 450 kg.

How much does a ClickitUp® section weigh?
1 x ClickitUp® 1800 section weighs 73 kg
1 x ClickitUp® 1500 section weighs 63 kg
1 x ClickitUp® 1000 section weighs 45 kg