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Delivery & transport

Terms of delivery

The terms of delivery and transport of your order are specified on your order confirmation. The delivery week is also evident from your order confimration. The order acknowledgement states Friday’s date in the delivery week concerned. We always contact the customer via mail, if this is stated on the order confimration, before we dispatch the goods. Our deliveries normally vary from 2-8 weeks. The variation in delivery times is due to standard and customised sizes for ClickitUp® sections.

It is important to read the information about deliveries and transport that accompanies your OA. A copy of the enclosed pdf can also be found here

Delivery times

The delivery time depends on whether you have ordered standard sizes or customised sizes. Should ErgoSafe AB be unable to deliver within the agreed time you will be contacted by mail and will then be informed of the reason for the delay and be given a new delivery time.

Our haulier will advise your delivery. The estimated delivery week is specified on your order confirmation. The delivery day is determined by our haulier and we cannot influence this. The haulier notifies you of the delivery with a time interval for unloading, no later than the day before delivery, via the specified telephone number.


Packaging of goods

ClickitUp® is packed on a specially designed wooden pallet. As most one pallet holds 6 sections.

Check the goods on arrival

Check the goods with the driver and that the number of packages corresponds with the consignment note. You must comment any visible damage to the packaging or goods or if a package is missing, in writing on the consignment note in connection with reception. The damage or loss should then be reported as soon as possible by you to ErgoSafe AB. Visible damage to the goods must be reported to ErgoSafe on the same day as the goods arrive. If it is non-visible damage that becomes evident first during unpacking, but which can be tied to the transport of the goods, this must be reported at the latest 6 days after receiving the delivery. Do not hesitate to contact ErgoSafe in the event of issues related to damaged goods caused during or in connection with the delivery. Contact details for ErgoSafe.

Delivery by truck

ClickitUp® sections come complete on pallets. One pallet holds 6 sections. In total a pallet can weigh up to 450 kg. The site where the delivery is to be made must be asphalted or the like. It’s the responsibility of the purchaser that the road up to the delivery site meets the demands of the haulier.

Timed deliveries are possible (an exact delivery day and time within 1 hour) at an additional charge, depending on the delivery address. Your email address must be registered when booking transport in order to track and trace your goods. It is important to report damaged goods directly at the time of delivery otherwise the right to demand compensation will be lost. 

1 x ClickitUp® 1800 section weighs 73 kg
1 x ClickitUp® 1500 section weighs 63 kg
1 x ClickitUp® 1000 section weighs 45 kg