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Glass balustrades for all outdoor environments

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Our different glass balustrades

We have glass balustrades with or without wind protection made in Sweden with focus on design, quality, safety and function.

For your house, apartment or restaurant

Regardless of whether you need a glass balustrade for your house, tenant-owned apartment or restaurant, ClickitUp® has suitable solutions.

ClickitUp and CiUFixed

What´s the difference between ClickitUp and CiUFixed?

ClickitUp is our adjustuble glassbalustrade that provides an almost crystal clear view while providing shelter from the wind with its flexible wind protection.

CiUFixed is the glassbalustrade in the same elegant and stylish design as ClickitUp but without wind protection.

The variants are excellent to combine with each other. Which variant of glass railing fits in your home depends on the need for wind protection and placement.

Learn more about our different variants of glass balustrade here

Glass balustrades for different needs

Our stylish and elegant glass balustrades are available for use at the ground level and on the balcony. We have also adapted the glass balustrades for use on the inside of existing balcony balustrades. This applies to both the fixed glass balustrades CiUFixed and the unique height adjustable glass balustrade ClickitUp.

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